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The secret Sauce of Salesforce Architecture

Perfect for:

Admins; Architects; Consultants; Designers; Developers; Product Owners

Feeling overwhelmed by complex systems and never-ending technical debt? This session dives deep into the essential architectural best practices that will transform your software development process. Learn how to design systems that are:

Scalable: Built to handle growth without crumbling under pressure.

Maintainable: Easy to understand, modify, and keep running smoothly.

Resilient: Able to weather storms and bounce back from unexpected issues.

We'll explore key concepts like:

Avoiding Long Term tech Debt: Keeping your code clean and organized.

Modular Design: Breaking down systems into manageable, reusable components.

API-Centric Architecture: Enabling seamless integration and future innovation.

Walk away with actionable takeaways you can implement immediately:

Proven techniques for designing robust and flexible software.

Tools and strategies to keep your codebase clean and maintainable.

The confidence to tackle complex architectural challenges.

This presentation is perfect for software developers, architects, and anyone who wants to build high-performing, sustainable software systems.


John Jones, Morse data Enterprises LLC

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