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Shield and Data Mask: Silent Heroes helping you to sleep at night!

Perfect for:

Admins; Architects; Consultants; Product Owners

Event Monitoring, Platform Encryption, Field Audit Trail, and Data Detect (collectively Shield) and Data Mask are related salesforce products that we find don't get enough credit, yet save the day by giving peace of mind through security and control.

"But isn't Salesforce already secure?" We'll talk about common gaps and limitations that Shield and Data Mask easily address to tighten up security.

If you're out of audit fields, struggling with exceptions to data export policies, have unmonitored Full/Partial Sandboxes, are taking on HIPPA/SOX compliance projects, or are dealing with other security issues, this session is for you!

This session is meant as an intro into what these products are, their value proposition, and what implementation looks like.


Paul Mackinaw, LeanCog

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