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Navigating Ethical Frontiers: AI & Trust in the Salesforce Ecosystem

Perfect for:

Admins; Architects; Designers; Developers


Join me on an enlightening journey through the ethical landscapes of Generative AI within the Salesforce ecosystem. Drawing from my extensive expertise and prior engagements, this session is designed to unravel the latest trends, best practices, and ethical quandaries at the intersection of technology and ethics.

Purpose and Key Points:

Delve into the heart of ethical considerations in AI, where we'll decipher key concepts like ethics, machine learning, and neural networks. This foundational understanding will pave the way for an in-depth exploration of the ethical dimensions of AI development and deployment.

Relevance and Value:

In an era marked by unprecedented technological advancements, understanding the ethical implications of AI within Salesforce is imperative. This session offers practical insights for professionals seeking to navigate the ethical landscape with confidence, ensuring trust and privacy are preserved.


By the session's end, attendees will:

• Grasp the nuances of ethical AI practices within the Salesforce ecosystem.

• Examine historical milestones and contemporary controversies to appreciate the ethical complexities in AI development.

• Explore Salesforce's proactive approach towards ethical AI, from policy development to practical implementation.

• Acquire actionable strategies to integrate ethical considerations into their own Salesforce projects, fostering trust and integrity.


What sets this session apart is its blend of expertise and engagement. Through dynamic slides and multimedia elements, attendees will be captivated and empowered to address ethical challenges proactively, emerging as ethical leaders within their organizations.

Presenter Qualifications:

As an established authority in AI ethics, I bring a wealth of experience and passion to this session. My track record of delivering insightful presentations underscores my commitment to driving ethical innovation within the Salesforce community.

Curiosity Ignited:

Join me in unraveling the ethical frontiers of Generative AI within Salesforce. Together, let's champion the ethos of responsible AI and embark on a journey of discovery, curiosity, and ethical innovation.

Keywords: Salesforce, AI ethics, AI, Generative AI, Trust, Privacy, Ethical Innovation.


Robert Wieland, 3Lima Consulting

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