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Give Your Salesforce Org a Facelift with Canva

Perfect for:

Admins; Consultants; Designers; Marketing

Is it time that you gave your Salesforce org a much-needed facelift? Unleash your inner designer by using Canva and Salesforce's no-code features to visually excite and engage with your users!

This session will offer content focused on elevating the Salesforce user experience through design enhancements. I'll provide attendees with valuable takeaways by demonstrating how to create design assets using Canva and then incorporating them throughout their Salesforce org without a single line of code.

Having spent more time than I would like to admit staring at bland record pages that all look the same, I have made it a mission of mine to provide end users with a user interface that is not only easy to navigate, but tell the story of the brand. Being someone that is not a coder, I have had to get creative to provide visually striking dashboards, record pages, and screen flows so that no more will a call center agent fall asleep on a call due to a sea of white on their monitor.

Session Structure

Intro (1 Min)

Demo: Canva (5 min)

Demo: Incorporating the Canva Designs Throughout Salesforce

• Custom Themes (4 Min)

• Screen Flows (4 Min)

• Dashboards (2 Min)

Tips and Tricks

• Strategically Using Transparent Assets (1 Min)

• File Dimensions and Storage Size Considerations (2 Min)

Conclusion (1 Min)

Having successfully transformed Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd. Salesforce org using these techniques, I bring real-world experience to the session. Attendees will leave with actionable skills of how to leverage Canva with Salesforce to create a more visually appealing and engaging user experience.


Bradley Condon, N/A

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