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Get Hands-on with User Stories (Clicked Skills Challenge Live)

Perfect for:

Product Owners

Many teams struggle with creating and refining stories that are both comprehensive and concise- but worry not! This session is designed to demystify the process of creating effective user stories. By focusing on practical examples and interactive exercises, you will gain the skills needed to write user stories that not only meet but exceed stakeholder expectations, ensuring that your final products are both valuable and viable.

In this live version of the popular “Clicked” session, you will learn User Story fundamentals, then be given a “real” business task and scenario. Next, you will put on your Business Analyst hats and use Agile best practices to create 2 user stories with a project “team”. Finally, you will share your stories with the group. Come get feedback on what to improve and join the lively and informative discussion Clicked Coach, Janeen Marquardt, and Facilitator, Rachel Shumway.


Rachel Shumway, Clicked and Janeen Marquardt, Clicked

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