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Accessibility Matters: Creating Inclusive Experiences in Marketing Automation

Perfect for:

Consultants; Designers; Marketing; Product Owners

In today's digital landscape, creating inclusive experiences is paramount for any successful marketing strategy. However, ensuring accessibility often remains an overlooked aspect. This session aims to shed light on the importance of accessibility in digital marketing and how it directly impacts user engagement, brand perception, and overall business success.

Attendees will explore practical strategies and best practices for ensuring fully accessible marketing campaigns are launched from Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement and/or Salesforce Marketing Cloud Engagement. We'll delve into the benefits of accessible design, such as improved response rates, expanded audience reach, and enhanced user experiences.

Moreover, this session will provide insights into common accessibility barriers faced by individuals with disabilities and how digital marketers can proactively address them. Through real-world examples and case studies, attendees will gain actionable insights to implement accessibility principles effectively within their marketing initiatives.

Join us to discover how prioritizing accessibility can foster inclusivity and drive meaningful results in your digital marketing efforts, ultimately leading to a more equitable and impactful online presence.


Cara Weese, Sercante

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