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Mile High Dreamin' 2023
Call for Speakers!

Call for MHD23 Speakers closed on May 31st, 2023 but check back in April 2024 for MHD24!

Curious about our Speaker Selection Process?

What makes a great Mile High Dreamin' speaker, you ask?

Are you a seasoned Salesforce developer, architect, marketer, or administrator who wants to share your practical skills and expertise with others in the ecosystem? If so, Mile High Dreamin' is looking for speakers like you!

We're looking to hear from members of the Salesforce ecosystem to share your real-world projects and how you've tackled complex challenges using a variety of technologies, features, and ideas. Whether it's a live demo, a code walkthrough, or a case study of a successful project, we want you to engage with the audience and turn your talk into a conversation that everyone can learn from. 

Our community is supportive and welcoming, and we're dedicated to helping everyone take their skills to the next level.

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